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Here to Answer the Tough Questions Like:

Person thinking Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

When can I retire? How much money do I need to retire? Will I have enough? Will I outlive or run out of money? How will I pay for healthcare? How much should I be saving? Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

You have accumulated a lifetime of assets through hard work.

Now you need to protect it and create a paycheck that lasts as long as you do.

We do our best work with

Developing a Comprehensive Plan

Based on Your Needs and Life Goals

Our Solutions-Based Planning Addresses

Financial Planning Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Financial Planning

Retirement Income Planning Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Retirement Income Planning

Individual Retirement Plans Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Individual Retirement Plans

Workplace Retirement Plans Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Workplace Retirement Plans

College Funding Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

College Funding

Insurance Strategies Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Insurance Strategies

Investment Management Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Investment Management

Tax-Deferred Investing Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Tax-Deferred Investing

Estate Planning Cleveland, OH Glass Financial Advisors

Estate Planning

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Providing clarity and confidence
for the retirement you deserve.

We believe that every person is capable of retiring comfortably. The question is...

How do you get there?

Step 1

Introduction Call

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

Step 3

Presentation of the Plan

Step 4

Sleep on It

Step 5

Get Started

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We teach you how to retire with an abundance of confidence so you can sleep better at night.

Our Mission?

To teach you how to retire.

Discover What We Do Differently:

Tailored Financial Planning

Your financial plan is developed to meet your personal goals and address the circumstances in your life. Over time, we’ll update your plan to align with your ever-changing needs and the milestones you and your loved ones may encounter.


We view our role not only as advisers, but also as educators in the field because we know all too well that financial literacy is very rarely taught. With a variety of techniques and modern capabilities, we make financial planning easy to understand as you begin to implement beneficial changes into your life.


We strive to offer the best client experience possible. Being part of Glass Financial Advisors means being part of a family.

Meet Your Trusted Partners

Michelle Glass, CRPC Photo

Michelle Glass, CRPC

Founder, Financial Adviser

Michelle comes from a small family in Lorain, Ohio where her father worked in a factory and her mother worked in the local school district. While they never had excess money or “luxuries,” there was plenty of love, encouragement and time spent together. As a family, they experienced everything together and life on all accounts was wonderful.

During her junior year in college, Michelle’s father was diagnosed with cancer. His prognosis was not good, and he had to quit work. Her mother took a leave of absence from her work to help take care of him. While he fought admirably, he died the following year. After the funeral, Michelle returned to college, and her mother went back to work. Life returned to some level of normalcy. Upon graduating from school, Michelle got her first job and moved away from home. During this time, she watched her mother begin to enjoy her life again and experience new things. 

Michelle learned that her mom had an advisor who taught her to continuously save more money and how to do so properly. This advisor educated her on the importance of planning for retirement. Her mother’s ability to make a new life for herself in part had to do with having the financial freedom to do the things she wanted. She had freedom and independence because she had an advisor who taught her financial literacy. Now that Michelle is an adult, she realizes that the greatest gift you can give anyone, especially your children, is your independence. This is what inspired her to become an adviser...to help people become financially independent.  

Since 2007, Michelle has helped clients prepare for their retirement utilizing customized and goal-oriented financial planning. She has FINRA Series 7 and FINRA Series 66 registrations, along with her Life, Accident and Variable Products Insurance Licenses. Michelle has also earned her CRPC designation, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.

When she's not working, Michelle loves to spend time with her daughter and family. She also enjoys travel, cooking and getting lost in a good book.

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